Policies and Documents

Trust Wide Policies and Documents:

These policies and procedures are Trust-wide so relate to all schools in the Attenborough Learning Trust. Data will be processed to be in line with the requirements and protections set out in the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK General Data Protection Regulation.

Click on a policy name to view or download each policy document.

School Specific Policies:

Some policies specific to individual schools can be found below. To find further information about policies and procedures specific to an individual school within the Trust, please visit their website. See ‘Our Schools’ page for details.


Each school within Attenborough Learning Trust has their own Accessibility plan and arrangements. These can be viewed below:


Attenborough Learning Trust’s admissions are managed by Leicester City Council who, by default, adopt the national admissions guidelines. You can find more information on applying for schools in Leicester City here.

The School Admissions Code, which is available on the Department for Education’s web site, click here for more details.

Each school in our Trust has their own admissions policy for nursery which you can view below:

Curriculum Statement

Part of the key values and beliefs of Attenborough Learning Trust is to ensure that all children have access to high quality learning opportunities tailored to their needs.  Therefore each school has the autonomy to devise their own curriculum to stimulate, challenge and educate the children in their community.

The curriculum will:

  • Secure achievement in the world’s major branches of learning
  • Ensure learning takes place in meaningful contexts
  • Secure key competencies for learning and life
  • Meet the needs of every young person, firing curiosity and making learning real, exciting and inspirational
  • Reflect both national requirements and international expectations but be rooted in its own locality and context
  • Raise aspirations and widen horizons,
  • Enable every young person to leave an ALT school with the confidence and ability to make a positive impact on the world around them.

More information about each school’s curriculum can be found on the school’s websites.

Examinations Policy

As our children are below secondary school age, we do not have an exams policy. All children, where not dis-applied, take part in statutory tests at the end of Key Stage 2. Assessment at Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage are based on teacher assessment.

Safeguarding Policy

Attenborough Learning Trust takes its safeguarding duties seriously and has developed a Trust Safeguarding Statement and Trust Board Safeguarding Assurance Map which can be viewed below:

All schools within the Trust fully comply with their safeguarding duties and have their school specific safeguarding polices which can be viewed below:

SEND Information

Attenborough Learning Trust will be developing its Trust-wide SEND policy in the coming months. In the meantime, all schools within the Trust have a policy and local arrangements in place to support children with Special Educational Needs.

These can be viewed below: