Our Schools

Green Lane Infant School

Headteacher - Rebecca Conway
Deputy Headteacher - Kate Lyall
Business Manager - Heather Johns
Chair of Governors - Jason Williamson
18 Spinney Hill Road
+44 (0) 116 262 7050
  • "Roots to Grow and Wings to Fly"

    We believe that the infant years are the fundamental foundations to achieving both educational and personal success for our children and that they thrive within the vibrant and nurturing yet challenging curriculum that we provide. Our mission statement of ‘roots to grow and wings to fly’ permeates the ethos and practices throughout the school to ensure that each child flourishes and achieves beyond their potential. Our children are always at the centre of everything that we do, where we aim to engage their hearts as well as their minds. The governors, staff and I are fully committed to inclusion and serving all members of our local community. We recognise the positive benefits for all of our children in learning how to live within a diverse community, respecting and appreciating the needs of others. We teach children the importance of tolerance and fairness, care and friendship and we all take great pride in everything that we achieve. I am incredibly proud to lead Green Lane Infant School.

  • "Trust moderation meetings have enhanced teacher subject knowledge and outcomes for children"

    Green Lane Teacher

  • "Networking has been effective and I have developed strong relationships with trust colleagues"

    Green Lane Leader

  • "Being part of the trust has enabled us to utilise each other’s skills, support and experiences"

    Green Lane Teacher

Highfields Primary School

Headteacher - Errol Rowe
Deputy Headteachers - Monika Singala and Jamila Vanzaria
Business Manager - Amanda Bailey
Chair of Governors - Nick Allsopp
Pluto Close
+44 (0) 116 253 1382
  • "A Happy Learning Community"

    At Highfields Primary school, we want to prepare children for a happy life. We not only want them to learn how to make a living but be confident in the world and know how to live a fulfilling life. We teach our children the importance of resilience and perseverance as well as the need to be respectful and tolerant of others. We follow the National Curriculum with subjects being taught both discretely and as part of carefully planned 'contexts'. Within these 'contexts' we carefully incorporate key skills as well as subject specific skills which are applied across the curriculum plan to give a holistic approach to learning, sometimes led by children's interests, whilst at the same time ensuring the development of individual subject skills and knowledge accessible for those with disabilities or special educational needs, so that all children can benefit as fully as possible from their education.

Sparkenhoe Community Primary School

Headteacher - Rhian Jones
Deputy Headteachers - Penny Cooper and Dan Cheetham
Business Manager - Tim Hassall
Chair of Governors - Jo Webb
Saxby Street
+44 (0) 116 251 2686
  • "Together we can"

    At Sparkenhoe, we work to ensure the highest quality education for all of our pupils. We are a school with high standards and high expectations of our children, not just in their academic ability but also in their behaviour and attitudes. We recognise all talents and abilities and do our best at all times to ensure that our children enjoy their time with us as well as achieve their very best. Our broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum prepares pupils to take their places as loyal, responsible and broad-minded British citizens. We welcome visitors to our school and pride ourselves on being a highly motivated and dedicated team who are committed to providing the best for our children, our families and our community.
  • "The Attenborough Learning Trust has given me the opportunity to work across other schools. Schools can sometimes be an inward looking environment, so being given the chance to work with others to both support and learn is invaluable. It has helped with the school’s improvement priorities, both for myself and other senior staff who are responsible for different areas."

    A member of the SLT, Sparkenhoe Primary School

  • "Since joining the MAT the school has been supported in a more focused way. Financial systems have become more streamlined, funding has been accessed and this has led to a buzz around the school as changes are being made." training being able to bring something back to school to further help to improve outcomes for children."

    Tom Bott – Business Manager, Sparkenhoe Primary School

  • "I have recently worked with the Family Support officer in school. The school has never had one of these before and she helped me with lots of things. I filled in my son’s Secondary School application, got help with some benefits and we had a nice chat about jobs. It was great!"

    Parent of AM Year 3, Sparkenhoe Primary School

  • "As a teacher I have noticed many positive changes from being part of the Attenborough Learning Trust. We have more peer challenge through working with teachers from other schools to moderate work. The Trust has supported the school to make some financial decisions that have meant more resources, some changes to the building and different ways to make our curriculum exciting for the children."

    Teacher, Sparkenhoe Primary School

Uplands Infant School

Headteacher - Michelle Orton
Deputy Headteacher - Artee Odedra
Business Manager - Colleen Bath
Chair of Governors - Numera Ismail Shahid
Melbourne Road
+44 (0) 116 262 5280
  • "Nurture Empower Flourish"

    The core purpose of our school is to nurture each and every child to help them grasp opportunities and acquire and deepen knowledge to maximise their life chances. We do this through quality first teaching and our curriculum which plays to the strengths and interests of our children whilst ensuring that chances to close gaps are seized and a positive mind set is developed. Our carefully planned learning environment is integral to the quality of our curriculum and supports high expectations in all children’s learning. Character muscles, critical to children’s aptitudes and attitudes to learning and life are embodied within our curriculum. In addition to this, we provide extracurricular activities to improve well-being; build self-esteem and show children more of the world around them. We are a caring, warm and truly inclusive school that takes account of the needs of children from all backgrounds. Because we are an infant school, our strength lies in Early Year’s education and how children develop. We do not rest on our laurels but are ambitious risk-takers who not only believe our children can achieve but know that they can and support them at every stage of their educational journey to do so. The acquisition of language is the ‘golden thread’ that permeates throughout our school; the children talk all day, every day, developing their speech and language and communication skills.
  • "Positive relationships, sound judgment and knowledge, and, last but not least, consistency are all components of trust. Being a part of the trust has given me the opportunity to learn how to monitor strategies and their wider execution while still reaching the goals. It has allowed me to gain experience and abilities while also allowing me to give back."

    Parent Governor, Uplands Infant School

  • "Joining Attenborough Learning Trust has had a direct impact on my career progression. It has provided me with the opportunity to work with teachers from other schools in the community. Each school within the trust brings its unique strengths resulting in sharing good practices and solving similar challenges in light of the pandemic. I have developed my competencies and skills through the professional development the Attenborough Learning Trust has presented, which includes training to lead assessment and moderation workshops for schools within the trust. Furthermore, I have had the chance to network with middle leaders within the Attenborough Learning Trust to develop our capability to provide school to school support within our schools."

    Uplands Team Leader

Charnwood Primary School

Headteacher - Nazma Jassat
Deputy Headteacher - Fenella Limblette
Business Manager - Rifhat Ahmad
Chair of Governors - Ishaq Dadhiwala
Nedham Street
+44 (0) 116 251 6574
  • "Together"

    At Charnwood, we want to ensure our children have the very best education in a happy and caring environment. We want our children to have enriching experiences that will develop a love for learning, enthusiasm and curiosity. We celebrate diversity in ethnic origin, gender, orientation, social circumstances, ability, disability or religious background.

    Our core value of 'together' flows through everything we do here at Charnwood.

Inglehurst Infant School

Headteacher - Kerry Pochin
Deputy Headteacher - Samantha Maher
Business Manager - James Vamplew
Chair of Governors - Robert Johnson
Ingle Street
+44 (0) 116 2622479
  • At Inglehurst Infant School it is our priority to create a welcoming, caring and safe environment in which every child feels valued and respected. As an infant school it is our duty to get the basics right and to lay firm foundations academically, socially and emotionally as these positive early experiences will support future successes. Phonics, reading, writing and maths are taught daily so that children acquire skills that will increase their opportunities to access the wider curriculum and to learn independently. Within our topic based curriculum there are frequent opportunities for children to develop their spoken language, social skills and the emotional capabilities to enable them to understand their feelings and to solve problems. Children learn about how to stay healthy and they are encouraged to be physically active every day. Visitors to our school and educational visits further enhance learning as well as providing opportunities to inspire pupils and raise aspirations.